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The 3rd sidewalk: an alternative path

Picture yourself moving along big streams of information, not unlike pedestrians moving up and down the sidewalks of a heavy traffic artery.

In a world where ideas and performance are, more often than not, measured by the level of disruption, it becomes hard to be unique or simply move up the ladder when going along the flow, applying recipes and tactics devised for past use-cases, or even worse, 20th century paradigms.

This is where you have the 3rd Sidewalk as an alternative to binary schemes.

Communication architects

We like to position ourselves as "Communication Architects" because we believe most projects overlook that component, or at the very least are not prioritizing it, leaving content as a mere filler in a push environment served by a set of pre-designed containers (website, apps, you name it).

Our values - Performance driven and detail oriented

We come from professional sports where performance is key across short life-cycle projects (game, series, season), and each detail makes the difference between win or loose.

Team work and collaboration are more than mere concepts. Read and react often trump the playbook. Pride and joy reward pushing the boundaries beyond unfathomable limits.

  • Listen. Listening is key. Our society tends to take things for granted. forgetting that human relationships are transactional by essence.
  • Learn. Learning is key to performance by helping you enrich your skills set, but also unveiling hidden resources that will unleash new potential.
  • Strategize. Essentially a team effort, a moment of decision making, forecasting hurdles, drafting the path to success by shaping your project on top of bets and tradeoffs.

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