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3rd Sidewalk relies on a - Learn, Think and Strategize - mantra to approach and tackle the complexities of major paradigmatic shifts in communication. By listening to our clients (and their audience), we help them build effective communicatiion in an interwoven system of media technologies.

Communication platforms - We are communication architects

3rd Sidewalk relies on a -Learn, Think and Strategize- mantra to approach and tackle the complexities of major paradigmatic shifts in communication. By listening to our clients (and their audience), we help them build effective communication in an interwoven system of media technologies.

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Interpersonal communication

From one to one meetings to large events, establish effective and secure communication with tailor-made rooms and stages.

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March 9, 2022


Whether you need to create a classroom environment, provide on-demand content or take one of our workshops, we got you covered.

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From podcasts, board meetings to inter-governmental summits, we provide solutions to produce and stage your event.

Content management solutions -

Control your data

A CMS for your project

One trick pony solutions fail to deliver. In a very crowded market, you need to choose the solution that fits your project, your marketing and dev teams. Trying to peg a square in a circle leads to a field of rabbit holes.

Content as data
Free your content from the print media paradigm. Think of data vault you can use and feed across multiple channels.
Shared languages
Model your content types to build a common language for your audience, sales and marketing teams.
Complex schemas
Structuring content can't be reduced to "filling the blanks". Your CMS strategy will determines whether your communication succeeds or fails.
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Staging your event - Custom solutions

If you need or wish to address specific needs or topics, we can help you build or customize workshops, seminars, conferences or any other event project from scratch. Contact us to book an informational meeting to analyze your needs.

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Benefits - Now is the time to own your communication.

From podcasts to virtual events, we bring the conversation to targeted audiences. We trace and follow unchartered paths where the power of speech is unshackled from the norm.

  • Streamline your communication

    Bring your audience straight to the browser. No more app to download or install.
  • Keep it loud and clear

    Experience high performance audio and video regardless of bandwidth or audience size.
  • Own your brand

    No more third party branding. The platform is yours, and so is your content.
  • Know your data

    Get actionable data on how your message reached the targeted audiences.
  • Encrypted and anonymized

    Cutting-edge security technology throughout the auth and login process: no more bombing.
  • Scalable solutions

    From one to few to large audiences, our solutions scale without a glitch.

FAQs - You have questions, we have answers.

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us .

  • Are you an agency?. We like to define ourselves as "communication architects", and typical agency services are just some of what we offer.
  • Why should we use a custom solution for our [virtual] event?. The short answer is branding and owning your data. But at scale, it allows you to offer the best answers for the jobs to be done.
  • How safe is your data?. When it comes to data, we are web-3 ready. We also build our front-ends and back-ends with data protection best practices in mind.
  • Can you handle multilingual projects?. Our core team is multilingual, and we have partenered with ururimi to offer multilingual solutions from marketing sites to conference interpreting.
  • Do you provide support for your apps?. Yes. Not only do we have a personalized onboarding process for each client, but we also create a dedicated communication space from day one.
  • How about marketing and e-commerce projects?. Yes we can! We have extensive sales and marketing experience. We believe our communication mantra will be a plus for your project.

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